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BabySensor Relax

BabySensor Relax

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Do you want full range without being addicted to WiFi? Get the 4G subscription: Only 300,- kr. for 12 months (regular price 695,- kr).

BabySensor Relax - Innovative baby call developed in Norway

Experience a new degree of security with BabySensor Relax, an innovative baby call that is carefully developed in Norway to give parents and children extra security. This device is designed with advanced technology and practical features. With the ability to add 4G connection ensures BabySensor Relax Continuous connection and functionality, even without access to WiFi. The 4G function, which is optional and can be added, works throughout the EU, EEA, Switzerland and UK.

Main features:

  • Health indicators through bracelets: The bracelet measures skin temperature, oxygen saturation and heart rate, giving you updated information directly on your smartphone.
  • Measurement of room temperature: The base station keeps you informed of the temperature in the child's room, so you can adjust for an optimal sleeping environment.
  • Soothing night lights and white noise: The base station comes with built -in night light and white noise to help the baby fall asleep and to maintain a quiet sleep.
  • Optional 4G connection: You can choose to add 4G subscriptions for reliable connection through the 4G network, perfect for families on the go or in areas without WiFi. The 4G function works throughout the EU, EEA, Switzerland and UK.
  • Sound and temperature alerts: Get notifications directly to your phone by sounds from the child's room or if the room temperature differs from the ideal.
  • Simply controlled via app: An intuitive app makes it easy to adjust settings, receive notifications and keep track of your child's well -being.

In the package:

  • BabySensor Relax unit
  • Bracelet for measuring health indicators
  • Charging cable
  • User guide

Ideal for: Modern parents seeking a baby call that combines traditional features with new technology to offer extra security and comfort for their children.

With BabySensor Relax Not only do you get a baby call, but a comprehensive solution that ensures that you are always close to your child, no matter where you are. Choose BabySensor Relax For a safe and worry -free everyday life with your child.

What is 4G subscription?

BabySensor Relax Can be expanded with a 4G subscription. With the subscription, the system gets even greater usefulness, as it can also be used where there is no WiFi available. The system automatically switches between 4G and WiFi.  Duration: 12 months from purchase. 

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- with BabySensor I finally got a baby call I can trust!

So much more than a baby call

We have developed BabySensor To get more calm. Advanced technology, but simple and intuitive to use. Important information such as heart rate, oxygen saturation and skin temperature is regularly sent to your mobile phone, and in the case of changes you are notified.

The small sensor with soft bracelets in OEKO-TEX measures the health indicators, while the base station measures room temperature and catches crying and sound. The base station also has soothing white noise for sleep and comfortable night lights.

All measurements directly to app

Immediate notification in app

You read all data directly in BabySensor-App on your mobile,
and is immediately notified by deviations or changes.

You can also add a 4G subscription to the baby call, then you do not depend on WiFi and have full flexibility.

BabySensor is designed and developed in Norway. An innovative baby call, which provides unique overview and security.

See how BabySensor works

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What can BabySensor?

BabySensor is a complete baby call system that gives you an overview of baby's
Caring situation.

This does BabySensor:

Checking the baby's care situation: With a comfortable sensor attached to the baby's arm or leg, care information is measured, such as oxygen saturation, heart rate and skin temperature.

Alerts by crying and sound: Built -in Gray Detection notifies you immediately if the baby begins to cry. BabySensor Also alerts other sounds in the baby's vicinity.

Player of White Noise: A soothing, sleepy sound; White noise. Several customers say that this helps the baby to calm down and fall asleep.

Night light: The base rate has a comfortable night light that can easily be turned on and off.

Room temperature: The base station measures the temperature around the small one. Temperature is read in the app.

Overview and flexibility: With wifi and 4G* can you manage BabySensor And follow from anywhere, through a dedicated app.
The app gives you full control over all functionalities.

*Requires the 4G subscription topic.

Why choose BabySensor?

All in one: baby call (crying), care info (skin temperature,
Oxygen saturation and heart rate), white noise, night light and room temperature.

Most important: You get baby call functionalities, and in Tellg you get important care information. IN BabySensor-You can read the app by heart rate, temperature (body and surroundings) and oxygen saturation. The app notifies if the values ​​change. Exact technology presents minimal risk of misalnation.

Mobility with almost unlimited coverage: Other smart baby calls can only be used in places with wifi. Because several of our customers are active, travel and are much out with the child. That is why, as the only on the market, we have added the opportunity for 4G. It provides almost unlimited coverage and thus great freedom.

Battery capacity: BabySensor Is adapted to an active family life, so you should not have to think about charging when you are on the go.
The base station has a capacity of 12 hours, while the sensor bracelet can be used for 36 hours before charging.

Ease of use: The soft, flexible bracelet is easily attached to the Lilles arm or leg. Our app is intuitive and simple, both setting up and using. The base station is delicate, with details that make it easy to use both inside and out.

Environmentally friendly, Scandinavian design: By using environmentally friendly materials reflects BabySensor A sustainable lifestyle.

What's in the package?

  • Base Station: The heart of BabySensor-The system.
  • Bracelet sensor: Comfortable and safe for the baby to have on the wrist or leg.
  • Ecotex bracelets in three sizes: For perfect fit.
  • Travel bag in organic cotton: For easy transport.
  • USB charging cable with socket

How to use BabySensor?

  • Power on/off: Easy operation with 3 seconds of pressure.
  • Charging: Easy charging of both base station and bracelet sensor. Bracelet sensor is charged in base station.
  • WiFi connection: Green light indicates successful connection. The system remembers up to 16 networks and passwords.
  • Crying noise: Automatic recording of crying. Can be turned on/off as needed.
  • Night light: The intensity can be adjusted and switched on/off in the app. Can be turned on/off on the base station.
  • White Noise: Built -in white noise to soothe the baby. Can be turned on/off in the app and at the base station.
  • Light indicators: Displays charging status and more.

Technical specifications

  • Battery life: Base station: 3000mA (approx. 12 hours) Bracelet sensor: 80mA. (about 36 hours)
  • Charging time: About. 4 hours for full charging of the base station. About. 90 min. For full charging of the bracelet.
  • Range: Unlimited (WiFi and 4G).
  • Communication: Bluetooth is used between bracelets and base station. WiFi is used between base station and app or app. 4g* (Requires subscription).
  • WiFi support: Supports 2.4GHz networks, and combined networks 2.4 and 5GHz, but not pure 5GHz networks.
  • Light indicators: RGB lights for different status indications.
  • App compatibility: iOS and Android.
  • Environmentally friendly materials: Ecotex bracelets, organic cotton bag, recycled packaging.