Security and Ble-Technology in BabySensor

Extensive security measures for the smallest

Bluetooth Low Energy (BAS) is the basis for baby sensor's technology, chosen for its recognized safety and minimal energy consumption. Ble-technology is one of the safest methods of wireless communication, ideal for products intended for children. Was working with very low energy, which leads to significantly lower radiation levels compared to other wireless technologies.

Complies with safety norms

BabySensor Meetings and exceeds the strict international radiation limit values, including those required for CE marking.

Designed for security: By utilizing Ble-Technology, ensures BabySensor that your child is protected from unnecessary radiation exposure.

Additional aspects of security

In addition to radiation security, have BabySensor implemented several measures to ensure the child's well -being:

Allergy -friendly materials

The plastic type and ecotex fabric on the bracelet are carefully chosen to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Although babies can get allergic reactions from having something close to the body, it is important to know that any rashes are not due to substances in BabySensor.


The leather strap is designed short with a button that pops up to prevent suffocation. The size of the bracelet sensor is 3 cm, which ensures that it cannot be fixed in the throat of toddlers.

Fire safety

Fire safety is carefully looked after and tested immediately in the CE certification. For increased security, we have conducted more extensive tests in collaboration with the University of Southeast Norway (USN) on their test lab. These tests include robustness in relation to falls and temperature variations (+|- 50 ° C), with reports proving extremely good robustness, which further increases the safety of fire.


With BabySensor Can you be sure that you have made a choice that not only uses the latest technology, but which also puts your child's safety first. Ble-technology ensures minimal radiation exposure, well within the strict international security limits. Furthermore, extensive testing and careful choice of materials guarantees that BabySensor Is safe from a physical perspective, including allergy -friendly materials, hedging against suffocation and fire safety. BabySensor Is therefore more than just a baby call; It is a safe and thoughtful choice for the modern family.