BabySensor Relax - Norway's innovative baby call

  • Health info with skin temperature, pulse and oxygen saturation
  • Room temperature
  • Alerts by crying and sound
  • White noise
  • Night light
  • With Wifi and 4G you have unlimited range
  • 30 days open purchase and free shipping

  • "Finally we sleep well again"

    - We had tried other products, but were not satisfied. BabySensor alerts when there are deviations, and is without error alerts. We feel safe and are not woken up unnecessarily. White noise also works surprisingly well. At least he calms down and falls asleep faster. Finally we sleep well again!

    Lasse Guldbrandsen

  • "BabySensor helped us when the baby was a bit "fussy"

    - After the vaccine, the baby became a bit disheveled. We lowered our shoulders, because we could monitor a stable and high oxygen saturation.

    Martin Pollen

  • "Finally all information in one place"

    - Having access to important information about Matilda was really reassuring and helpful. For example, I could check whether she was too thinly or warmly dressed both inside and outside. I think BabySensor is a "must have" product for all new mothers.

    Nina Smith

  • "We've been looking for a smart baby call for a long time"

    - BabySensor is an absolute "need to have" product if you have a premature baby.
    Kajsa Jensen