Our goal

We want to be a safe supporter of all baby and toddler parents.

Smart, technical solutions can never replace mom and dad, but they can make unpredictable days better.

Our goal is to feel more safe so you can have quieter days and nights.

Safe and devoted parents provide more calm and profits to the whole family.


BabySensor Is a 100% Norwegian company, with a solid network of close partners.

For over five years, researchers, developers and designers have worked with us to create BabySensor, and now our smart baby call is finally available in the market!
Throughout the development time, we have had close dialogue with those who will enjoy our advanced baby monitor, namely the parents.

The idea to BabySensor came from entrepreneur Anita Fevang, four-year-old mother, and with a burning desire to help parents get more security in the baby and toddler period.

We are proud of what we have received with BabySensor, and hope the solution will contribute to more calm and lower shoulders.

Future projects

With granted support from Eurostars, we are in the process of further developing the functionalities of BabySensor.

Eurostars are the EU's partnership for
Innovative small and medium -sized businesses. Together with our European partners, we work, among other things, with the development of contactless sensors and the use of artificial intelligence. We really appreciate that Eurostars sees the value of our products and want to continue on our technology.

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