How does BabySensor work?

Sensors in the bracelet measure the child's pulse, skin temperature and oxygen saturation. The sensor bracelet sends this information to the base station. The base station has the baby call function that picks up sound and measures the room temperature. It sends this, and the child's readings, from the sensor bracelet to your smartphone, so you have a full overview and can control the system from the app on your phone. The base station communicates via Wifi, but also has a built-in 4G card. This can be activated with a separate subscription if you want to use BabySensor in places where there is no Wi-Fi coverage.

How do I set up BabySensor?

Setting up BabySensor is simple and intuitive:

  1. Connect the base station to the socket.
  2. Put the bracelet in the charging cradle, magnetic charger in the base station.
  3. Connect the mobile phone to the same Wi-Fi that the BabySensor is to be set up on. Must be on a 2.4 GhZ network, or one that supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  4. Download the BabySensor app from the Appstore or Google Play.
  5. Follow the instructions in the app to complete the setup.

Is BabySensor CE approved?

Yes. The product is CE marked, and has all the necessary certificates for environment, safety and sales in Europe.

How will I be notified if something is wrong with my child?

We use a traffic light system for notification. The system comes with a standard setup for what are normal values ​​for the various sensors, adapted to the child's age. You can adjust these yourself if necessary. You can define how you want to be notified if the values ​​change from "Everything is OK", to "Be careful" or to "Please check".

  • If everything is ok, the values ​​are displayed in gray on the mobile.
  • If something changes, and is slightly outside the normal ranges, the values ​​are shown in yellow. You can be notified with a yellow screen, sound and vibration on the mobile, as well as a yellow light in the base station.
  • If the measurements are unusual, the values ​​are shown in red. You can be notified with a red screen, sound and vibration on the mobile, as well as a red light in the base station.

Why doesn't BabySensor have a camera?

BabySensor has been created in collaboration with health personnel, including doctors and health nurses. We agree that excessive mobile phone use is not beneficial for parents of young children. The camera also does not provide significant information about the child's care needs. That is why we have focused on accurate sensor technology that provides essential information, with notifications when the need for care changes.

Which age group can use BabySensor?

BabySensor is designed to fit all children aged 0 to 5 years. Actual usage is likely to change with age. When the baby is small (0-18 months) the sensors are used regularly. When the child gets older, it may only be in special situations that there is a need for measurements, such as e.g. in case of illness. The baby call function is relevant throughout the period. To get the most accurate readings possible, we recommend putting the bracelet on the upper arm or thigh if the baby is quite small/thin.

How can we get unlimited range, e.g. when we are at the cabin, without Wifi?

The base station sends the child's care information to your mobile phone via Wifi or 4G. The 4G function requires a subscription to be activated. With a 12-month 4G subscription, you expand the areas of use for your BabySensor, and thus also your own mobility. With an active 4G subscription, the system automatically switches to 4G when Wifi is not available.

How will I be notified if my child loses the wristband?

If the child loses the bracelet, you will be notified with ''Bracelet inactive''.

Can we clean the BabySensor?

Yes, you can wash the bracelet by hand or in the washing machine at 30C. Remember to remove the sensor unit before washing. The travel bag can be washed at 40C. The base station can be wiped with a damp cloth.

How often does the sensor measure the care information?

Pulse is measured every 20 seconds. Oxygen saturation (SpO2), temperature on the skin and in the room are measured every 15 minutes.

We do sleep training. Can we turn off the cry alerts?

Yes, you can easily adjust or turn off selected notifications on your app.

Is there a warranty on BabySensor?

Yes, we offer a two-year warranty on the product.

Could there be harmful radiation from BabySensor?

To minimize radiation, we use low energy Bluetooth to connect the bracelet to the base station. The base station is not in direct contact with the child and communicates via Wifi or 4G in the same way as your phone, but with significantly less traffic. It is therefore not harmful to use.

Do I have a guarantee that my child will be well and safe when I use BabySensor?

BabySensor Relax is not an approved medical device, and is not intended to prevent or diagnose disease or health conditions. It is only intended as an aid.

You are responsible for your child's well-being and health, and for following all health, care and safety guidelines, including sleep.

What is the maximum distance between bracelet and base station?

Normal bluetooth range is up to 10 meters, depending on physical obstacles.

The base station should therefore be a maximum of 5-10 meters from the child when the bracelet is in use. If the bracelet gets out of range, you will be notified with "The bracelet is inactive"

Where is the power button?

Base station: The on/off button is on the front left side, next to the attachment to the leather strap. It must be held for 2-3 seconds to turn the device on/off. When the base station is set to charge, or terminated, the device is automatically switched on.

Wristband sensor: Switched on/off in the app, or by being charged or turned away from the skin.

The app: Closes and opens like any other app.

How long does it take to fully charge the devices?

Wristband sensor: Max 90 minutes.

Base station: Max five hours.

What is the battery capacity?

Wristband sensor: At least 36 hours.

Base station: At least 12 hours of continuous use.

How do I know the devices are charged and ready to use?

The power level is easily checked in the app (top right).

In addition, LED lights on the devices indicate that they are charged and what charge level they have.

Can I set the values ​​for notification myself?

The system automatically comes with settings for sleeping children 0-6 months. These can be easily adjusted in the app.

Can BabySensor withstand the cold?

It has been tested in the cold, and can withstand down to -50 degrees Celsius.

Can BabySensor withstand high heat?

It has been tested in heat, and can withstand up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Do the notifications override the lock screen?

If you have locked the screen and notifications are enabled in the app, the notifications will appear on the locked screen. You can choose how you want to be notified in the app.

In locked screen mode, it is the phone's own sound setting that overrides notification with sound or not.

Does the alarm override silent mode on the mobile?

If the mobile is in silent mode and in locked screen, you will receive the notification, but without sound. Inside the app, you still get sound.

If the mobile phone is in "Do not disturb" mode, you can still receive an audio alert even when the screen is locked.

What is the bracelet made of?

The bracelet that attaches to the child's arm or foot is made of Oeko-Tex. It is a textile that does not cause allergies, or contain dyes that can be carcinogenic. Read more about Oeko-Tex on the Consumer Council's website.

Why have you developed BabySensor?

Because from our own experience we experienced a lot of uncertainty and sleepless nights during the baby and toddler period. We want to be a safe supporter for parents, and contribute to more security and the opportunity to lower their shoulders a little.

Who is behind BabySensor?

BabySensor AS is a 100% Norwegian-owned company, with founder and mother of four Anita Fevang at the helm. The technology behind BabySensor has been developed in close collaboration with Norwegian and international suppliers.

Will there be more functionalities in BabySensor?

YES. The system is designed so that updates can be made OTA - Over The Air. This applies to bug fixes, updates and new functionality. New versions of the app are updated like other apps, software on the device itself is updated like system updates on your phone. We are continuously working on improvements and new functionality that will gradually be made available to both existing and new users.