Anita Fevang

Anita is BabySensor's "mom"

"BabySensor is my little baby, which I have developed to provide calmer and easier days for parents with newborns or young children in the house."

Anita Fevang has four children, and that should be enough to keep her fully occupied. But it is BabySensor that takes up most of Anita's time. She is a committed entrepreneur and passionate about technology making busy everyday life better.

"The mobile phone is with us everywhere, and for me, it was obvious that BabySensor had to have a simple app that shows that the little one is doing fine," explains Anita.

4G coverage provides full flexibility

Easy access to safe answers - that is the basic idea behind BabySensor, an intelligent baby monitor with innovative sensor technology.

The sensor measures pulse, oxygen saturation, and skin and room temperature. The small sensor is attached to a comfortable bracelet made of eco-tex material. The bracelet has a Velcro fastener, which fits the little one's wrist or ankle. Data from the measurements are sent via WiFi or 4G to the app.

Anita's idea has received development support from, among others, the Research Council and Innovation Norway, and the advanced technology is generating great interest among healthcare professionals.

BabySensor developed in close cooperation with hospitals and healthcare professionals.

"It has been very important for us to collaborate closely with professionals in both health and technology. BabySensor is to be the best and easiest product on the market," says Anita.

When Anita started developing BabySensor more than five years ago, she had a lot of personal experience to draw from. However, she was curious about how other parents experienced the early years of parenthood. Anita has delved into conversations with a multitude of moms and dads to figure out where the "shoe pinches."

"Many are unsure whether the little ones are too cold or warm when they sleep outside in the stroller or in the bedroom. Therefore, we wanted the sensor to measure both skin and environmental temperature, and show the measurements directly in the app."

Measurements of pulse and oxygen saturation are also important and good indicators of health condition. A simple overview creates calm and surplus energy, and just that surplus is so important for the whole family to be well, believes Anita.

BabySensor should be as easy to use as possible, but the technology behind it is advanced. Anita wanted the baby monitor to be usable everywhere, and therefore BabySensor had to be connected to 4G.

"That way, parents don't have to worry about whether WiFi is available when they are on the go," explains Anita.

The BabySensor design is both practical and beautiful to look at.

The entrepreneur has also been concerned with the design of both the base station and the bracelet with the sensor.

The base station is designed in Norway. It is small and delicate, with a practical loop with a push button. Easy to hang on the stroller, bed, or other places near the child.

The bracelet is made of eco-tex, which is gentle on the skin. The sensor itself sits on the soft bracelet. Small children often "explore" the world with their mouths, so the size of the sensor is important. It is small enough not to disturb the little one, but too large to block airways.

Parents get more peace with BabySensor, and the feedback is super fine.

"There have been more sleepless nights with BabySensor than with my children," smiles Anita.

"But I am really proud of my 'baby.' It has been incredibly exhausting to develop a completely new and innovative baby monitor, but when we receive super nice feedback from satisfied parents - well, then I can also relax a bit. And it's very fun that this is a hundred percent Norwegian-developed product, which can contribute to easier days and nights for parents all over the world."

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