Hva bør du ha med i fødebagen?

What should you bring in the food bag?

Checklist for you, your partner and baby. 

When packing the food bag, it is important to have the necessary things that can make the experience more affordable for you and your partner. Here is a list of common things that are recommended to include in the food bag: 

For the birth, the following content in the food bag is recommended: 

    1. Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hair knit/buckle, soap (without perfume; burning less and can give more natural odor that the baby recognizes), shampoo, deodorant and possibly makeup if you wish. 
    2. Comfortable clothes: Feel free to breastfeed loose clothes and nightwear that are easy to breastfeed, as well as comfortable panties and breastfeeding bra. 
    3. Extra lingerie: Remember to bring enough underwear (it happens that something needs to be thrown after use) 
    4. Breastfeeding: These can be useful if you are planning to breastfeed. 
    5. Birth attire: This can be a loose-fitting dress or a large T-shirt that you can feel comfortable in during birth. 
    6. Slippers or warm socks: The feet can get cold during birth. 

    For both you and your birth partner, this is recommended in the food bag: 

    Snacks and drinks: Bring something easy to eat and drink during birth. Energy bars, nuts, fruits, smoothie or energy drinks can be good alternatives. 

    1. Camera, possibly mobile phone 
    2. Books, music or other entertainment: This can help you relax during the wait. 
    3. Birth plan: If you have prepared a birth plan, bring a copy to share with the staff at the hospital. 

    Some also think this can be useful: 

    1. Nipple cream: To relieve sore nipples (e.g. Purel) 
    2. Hemoroid cream, (for example. Alcos-Anal or scheriproct) 
    3. Big Panties and Binds: To After Birth (for Ex. Tena) 
    4. Breastfeeding 
    5. Cooling bindings (soothing, until after birth, such as the food bag cooling ties) 
    6. Massage oil: If you want to get massage during birth. 
    7. Cloths (some to put on the forehead, others to soften and possibly reduce tears downstairs) 

     For the baby: 

    1. Bodies or kick pants: Bring more sets of baby clothes to change if needed. 
    2. Car seat for newborn 
    3. Stockings and hat: Keep the baby warm after birth. 
    4. Diapers: Bring some newborn diapers, but be aware that the hospital usually also has. 
    5. Wipes 
    6. Wool blanket or blanket: To keep the baby warm during transport home. 

     Some also think this can be useful: 

    1. Mittens (some have long nails and scratches) 
    2. Butt cream (eg inotyol) 
    3. Neutral oil 
    4. Gulpe cloth 
    5. Night (some would like to use the beautiful. Newborn size) 
    6. Nail clipper 

    Remember to check with the maternity ward at your hospital if they have any specific recommendations or requirements for the food bag. You may also want to pack the food bag a few weeks before term, so you are ready at all times. But some of the content is of course difficult to have a long time, such as smoothie and favorite snacks.  

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